Evotech Performance Race Team Radiator Guards


Why fit an EP Radiator Guard?

How important is fitting a radiator guard to your bike?  Rather than us answering that question, perhaps we should ask Michael Laverty? Or perhaps we should ask Peter Hickman?  Apart from being the first two race winners for the 2016 BSB season, what associates these two successful riders sits just behind the front wheel of their superbikes: an Evotech Performance radiator guard. In fact, 5 out of the top 8 riders in Sunday’s second BSB race had an EP radiator guard protecting their machine.


Evotech Performance Radiator Guards

As reported last year, our initial brief for a race spec radiator guard was developed with the Milwuakee Yamaha team after they required extra protection for Josh Brookes’ R1 Superbike. Padgetts Honda were soon on board as well with protection for the major road races with rider Bruce Anstey. (See full blog here) We like to think that the extra protection offered was our small contribution towards helping Josh Brookes triumph as BSB Championship winner in 2015.


BSB Teams

The quality and durability of our guards spoke for itself. Over the winter, we were inundated with top level racing teams wanting the same high quality protection for their motorbikes.Tommy-Hill-Racing-2016-Evotech-Performance-Radiator-Guard-002

One BSB team owner who wanted Evotech Performance radiator guards is 2011 British Superbike champion Tommy Hill. He contacted us looking for radiator protection for his ePayMe R1 Yamahas, with experienced riders Stuart Easton and John Hopkins on board. Tommy is already well aware of the benefits of fitting a radiator guard following a crash in testing by Hopkins. Tommy told us, ‘The guard protected the radiator from being damaged as it slid through the gravel trap. The gravel can be very aggressive and easily cause damage to fragile parts of the bike, such as the radiator.’ Admittedly, this is a slightly different scenario to the requirements of the average road rider but it certainly successfully tested our radiator guards to the maximum!


TAS Tyco BMW also came to us for products for their S1000RR Superbikes for Christian Iddon and Michael Laverty. In a great start to the season, both riders stood on the podium in the first weekend. This success was echoed in Superstock for both Hutchinson and Elliott.  What’s more, TAS Tyco have also ordered radiator guards for the testing conditions of the 2016 road race season for all their riders including Ian Hutchinson and Josh Elliott.


GBMoto Kawasaki are also running the Evotech Performance Radiator guards on their 2016 ZX10R Superbikes for Leon Haslam, James Ellison and Peter Hickman.  Hickman will also be sporting EP radiator guards for the road races. If the start of the BSB season is to be believed, Hickman is in for a great year.


World Super Sport

Simon Buckmaster’s CIA PTR World Supersport CBR600 Hondas have also been fitted with bespoke Evotech Performance radiator guards. PTR’s experienced crew chief, Stuart Millen, reported that since removing the old style mesh from their radiators and fitting EP guards, their bikes were not only better protected but were actually running around 5 degrees cooler. This was despite the bike running in the 40 degrees heat of Thailand and Australia. This valuable feedback from an experienced world class team will translate directly into the parts that are available to fit to your pride and joy.

Road Racing

The list of teams choosing our part goes on. Watch BSB, WSS, the Isle of Man TT, North West 200 and Ulster GP and you will see Evotech Performance radiator guards are a popular addition to many top machines. Lee Johnston’s East Coast Racing Triumph and BMWs along with Keith Flint’s Team Traction Control CAME R6 Yamahas, to name a few.

So, Evotech Performance radiator guards have been tried and tested in the extreme environment that only top level motorcycle racing can provide. This gives us the peace of mind that we are providing you, our valued customer, with the same level of protection for your bike.

Evotech Performance, Guy Martin and the Wall of Death


Guy Martin’s Wall of Death

It’s not often our corner of the country gets such recognition but Monday night made the exception. Guy Martin, a Lincolnshire-born ‘national treasure’, made history by setting the highest speed ever recorded on a vertical Wall of Death. His live televised event was based in an ex-RAF hanger in Lincolnshire, on a bike he made in Lincolnshire, with Lincolnshire-made Evotech Performance parts on board. He’s really put our county on the map!

A defunct RAF hanger had been transformed into a light show, stage and performance arena.  Climbing high up scaffolding steps, we stood on top of the cargo containers which held the wooden wall in place.  The vertical 6 metre drop was at our toes and gave the perfect bird’s eye view to the bike powering just beneath us.


Bike Development

The Indian went first with a deep, thumping roar which reverberated around the entire building.  We had helped another local, Simon Stubbs the man in charge of mounting the on-board cameras, create bespoke parts for both bikes.  The Indian needed an aluminium plate to mount the transmitters under the seat of the bike.  However, the Rocket 3 needed a more intricate design.  We used our cutting-edge 3D modelling to then 3D print a bespoke part that was robust enough to deal with the huge forces generated on the wall whilst mounting the precious TV transmitters securely in place.

We were stunned with the speed and power the Indian offered. This first attempt already set a new world record.  Anyone else would have been satisfied with that!

But the bike we were waiting for was the machine Guy had constructed himself: a Rob North frame with a BSA Rocket 3 engine. In the last few weeks, we had spent a bit of time with this beast, marveling how one man seems to turn his hand to anything. We helped with mounting cameras but our piece de resistance was the front plate displaying Guy’s iconic number 8. Made with the same production techniques and hexagonal perforations that we employ on our popular radiator guards, we used our design capabilities to match Guy’s desire to smarten up the front end.

As a thank you for helping out with bespoke parts for both the Indian and Rob North/BSA machines, Evotech Performance directors, Chris Vines and Dan Rack received invitations to the exclusive event.  And what a show it was.


A Second World Record

Knowing Guy, and knowing this machine, we knew he wasn’t going to fail in his attempt to break his first record. And he didn’t disappoint. The Rocket 3 had the iconic velvety triple cylinder purr which echoed from the boards and fitted the occasion seamlessly. In his first attempt, Guy seemed tentative, testing the boundaries of his bike and his own physical endurance.  It was on his penultimate attempt he gave his all with a consistent thrust of power which drove him to his record.  We could feel the floor beneath us reverberate with the power of the machine as it flashed by. Everyone watching could tell this was it.

And it was, from the screens dotted about we could see he had broken his record with 78.150mph. His final quick run only managing to equal his previous time.

On Monday night, Guy Martin made the country proud, and Lincolnshire proud. And for our guys at Evotech Performance, we are proud that we could lend just a little helping hand in turning a dream into a world record reality.

New Ducati Motorcycles for 2016


Ducati at EICMA

Evotech Performance are currently over in Milan for the annual EICMA show where all the major bike manufacturers reveal their motorcycles for 2016. We have already seen the launch of some exciting new bikes, including the all new Suzuki GSX-R1000 and Yamaha MT-10. Ducati have their own big launch for the 2016 season where we see the very popular Panigale 899 replaced by a 959 version.


New Scramblers for 2016

Ducati have also revealed some new additions to the Scrambler range. 2015 saw Ducati make record sales on new bikes, mainly due to the huge success of the release of the Scrambler models so it is no surprise that the range is expanding for 2016.

Ducati Scrambler Flat Track Pro

ducati-scrambler-flat-track-pro-evotech-performance-001The fundamentals of the new Flat Track Pro remain unchanged with the main differences revolving around styling and accessories, similar to the variations in the current motorcycles.

Evotech Performance expect most of their products currently available for the Scrambler range to be transferable onto the new bikes, possibly with the addition of some exciting new products to suit the new models.

Current EP accessories available for the scrambler include;

  • Main Frame Crash Protection
  • Tail Tidies
  • Oil Cooler and Rectifier Guards
  • Engine Guards
  • Front and Rear Spindle Bobbins
  • Sprocket Cover
  • Levers
  • Bar End Weights
  • Headlight Guard

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2


Ducati have also introduced a smaller capacity bike to the Scrambler range. The Sixty2 is a 400cc, reduced cost addition with areas such as the forks and rear swing-arm differing from the full blown scrambler.  Targeted at the youth culture of skateboarding and surfing, Ducati are hoping to encourage younger riders of the ‘pop culture’ into the world of motorcycling.

Evotech Performance will be keen to get our hands on one of these motorcycles to see which of the current range of accessories can be fitted to the Sixty2 and what exciting new products can be developed specifically for this bike.


Evotech Performance Spot Yamaha MT-10 at EICMA


Live from the EICMA show in Milan

Over in Milan, Yamaha have revealed a naked version of the 2015 YZF-R1, named the MT-10 super naked. This new addition to already hugely popular MT range boasts some of the most aggressive styling on a naked bike and has an engine, chassis and suspension all derived from the ground-breaking R1 launched last year.

yamaha-mt10-evotech-performance-002Evotech Performance product range for MT-10

Evotech Performance will be keen to get our hands on the new MT-10 super-naked as soon as they are available in the UK to develop a range of after market accessories. Expect to see products such as a tail tidy including our Hidden Wire Design (HWD) and main frame crash protection using our Shock Suppression Technology (SST). A full range of accessories including Radiator and Oil Cooler Guards will be developed to not only protect your motorcycle but improved its aggressive appearance.



Evotech Performance and the 2016 GSX-R 1000 at EICMA Show in Milan


Live from the EICMA show in Milan

Evotech Performance are currently in Milan looking around all the new bikes due for release in 2016. A number of big names have some very important releases for 2016, not least the eagerly awaited new Suzuki GSX-R 1000.

2016 Suzuki GSX-R 1000


The 2016 GSX-R 1000 is a new design from the ground up, including the same inline 4-cylinder engine used in the GSX-RR Moto GP bike with a similar off beat firing pattern to the Yamaha YZF-R1. The new GSX-R also has traction control, launch control ABS and variable fuel maps as standard. Expect to see the GSX-R1000 priced modestly compared to its rivals from Yamaha and Ducati coming in at the low to mid end of the superbike market without much compromise on power, suggested to be around 200BHP.

Evotech Performance Product Range for the 2016 GSXR-1000

suzuki-gsxr-2016-evotech-performance-002Evotech Performance have already been investigating the possible after market accessories likely to be developed for the 2016 GSX-R1000. Expect to see the usual level of innovation in products such as a tail tidy, crash protection and radiator guards. EP plan to develop a full range of crash protection products, including main frame sliders, with our Shock Suppression Technology (SST) Spindle Bobbins, Bar End Weights and Paddock Stand Bobbins. An Exhaust Hanger and Pillion Footrest Removal Kit will also be available along with all the other accessories in the EP product range.

The GSX-R1000 has reportedly been delayed slightly in production so expect to see the bike arriving late 2016 with the Evotech Performance product range released around the same time.


Evotech Performance product range for BMW S1000XR


BMW S1000 XRbmw-s1000-xr-evotech-performance

The S1000 XR is BMW’s ‘Adventure Sports’ bike aims to rival the likes of the Ducati Multistrada 1200. The bike targets those riders who want the performance of a sports bike along with the comfort of a touring bike. BMW have a hugely popular sports bike in the S1000RR, boosted by its success at places like the Isle of Man TT and British Superbike Championship. The BMW R1200 GS also has to be one of the biggest selling bikes, not just in the adventure market, but overall in motorcycle sales, helped of course by Ewan McGregor’s global adventures on board a GS. The S1000XR has been designed to land somewhere in the middle of these two hugely successful bikes, drawing on the best bits from both to produce this all rounder which promises to be equally as successful as the two bikes it is based on.

S1000XR Tail Tidy


Evotech Performance have developed a Tail Tidy / Fender Eliminator to drastically improve the look of the rear end of the S1000XR. The Tail Tidy has been carefully designed to blend in with the lines of the bike, whilst making sure the indicators and lights are clearly visible both with and without the panniers fitted. The seat release lock barrel has been mounted in a precision machined aluminium housing which, in turn mounts the secondary brackets that hold the licence plate and lighting peripherals.


As with all EP Tail Tidies, the parts have been design and manufactured in the UK from high grade aluminium, ensuring a perfect fit to standard mounting points and retaining the original wiring loom for plug and play installation.

Crash Protection


The Evotech Performance ‘no drill’ main frame sliders will ensure your bodywork is saved damage from any minor spills. Mounting directly through the frame and engine ensures a solid fixing point to place a bobbin head in the optimum position avoiding any hoses or fairings. The EP crash protection kit also includes our shock suppression technology (SST) which aims to reduce the initial impact load through the mounting points.

Evotech Performance also have a full range of Spindle bobbins and Paddock stand bobbins to further reduce damage in minor spills.

Radiator Guards


To further protect your motorcycle, EP have also developed a set of radiator and oil cooler guards incorporating our tried and tested hexagonal perforations which provide robust protection without compromising the efficiency of the radiator or oil cooler. Our guards have been proven on the road and on the track with Milwaukee Yamaha winning the 2015 BSB Championship and the Valvoline Padgetts having great success at the 2015 Isle of Man TT both trusting EP radiator guards to keep their bikes protected and running smoothly.

Evotech Performance have a full range of products for the BMW S1000XR including an Exhaust Hanger and Pillion footpeg removal kit, Bar End Weights and Mirror Extensions.

Evotech Performance protection for BSB Round 6 double winner, Josh Brookes


Evotech Performance on the Podium at Brands Hatch

Round six of the British Super Bike Championship at Brands Hatch GP circuit gave us plenty of excitement.  But for our guys at Evotech Performance we were excited for a whole different reason.   Look at any still image or slow-mo of Josh Brookes double winning 2015 Milwaukee Yamaha R1 and behind the front wheel you will spy one of our bespoke radiator guards.


Mick Shanley, crew chief for Milwaukee Yamaha, approached Evotech Performance for a bespoke design to protect Brookes’ superbike.  The parts were debuted for his double podium finish at Snetterton last month and then onto his impressive double win at the historic Brands Hatch circuit.

Why fit a Radiator Guard?

So what exactly is a radiator guard and why should we include them on our bikes?  For Milwaukee and Brookes, the answer is reliability.  For the rest of us road users, it boils down to economics. At the very heart of your bike sits the radiator in a very prone position behind the front wheel. Road debris can cause havoc when it is flung into the radiator area. A holed radiator can cost many hundreds of pounds to fix or replace, plus the inconvenience of being stranded should such an unfortunate event occur. Our answer to this issue is our bike specific radiator guard.


Mick said ‘We’ve had a long standing relationship with Evotech Performance. We work hand in hand with them to design and produce various different parts for our superbikes. On this occasion we needed protection for the long fast straights of the roads circuits such as the NW200 and the Isle of Man TT. We soon realised that it would be a big benefit to fit EP guards to our BSB superbikes as well.’


Evotech Performance Radiator Guards

As you would expect from our establishment, Evotech Performance’s radiator and oil cooler guards are produced bespoke to fit each individual model. Our aim is for our guards to seamlessly and subtly integrate with your bike. Our guards fit snugly onto the radiator or oil cooler and incorporates EP’s signature hexagonal matrix of holes. Being fabricated, in most instances, from one piece of lightweight aluminium, with a durable powder-coated finish, the design allows for minimal disruption to airflow whilst offering maximum protection. As ever we are UK designed, UK produced for a quality product and our radiator guards always prove popular with our followers.


Padgetts Honda at the Isle of Man TT

But it’s not just Milwaukee Yamaha who recognises the benefit of EP protection. Our Radiator and oil cooler guards were also spied in the 2015 Isle of Man TT paddock.  Padgett’s Honda chose EP protection for Bruce Anstey at the 2015 IoM TT. Not one, or two, but three of his bikes were sporting an Evotech Performance Radiator Guard. We worked with Clive Padgett to create bespoke designs for both his Superbike and Supersport class bikes. It was a great week for the Padgett’s team, securing an impressive win in the opening superbike race and two 2nd places in both the Supersport races. We also supplied our standard product for Clive’s Honda CBR1000rr Fireblade Superstock bike, the same part as can be ordered from our website at any time of the day. Furthermore, EP also produced a bespoke radiator guard for Clive’s famous Yamaha YZR500, which was powered to a dominant win by Bruce Anstey in the 2014 Classic TT.

As a salesman as well as a team owner, Clive Padgett knows the high quality protection we can offer. Speaking of our parts, Clive said ‘We sell Evotech Performance products and know just how good they are.  When it came to protecting Bruce’s bike from the demanding roads of the TT, there really was only one choice.’

Track and Road proven technology

So there you have it.  If your bike is protected by an Evotech Performance radiator guard then it is just as good as any top class UK performer.  They may not increase your engine power, or make you go faster, but Evotech Performance radiator guards offer the protection to keep you on the move. And the professionals know it.


Evotech Performance Release Ducati Scrambler Product Range


Ducati Scrambler Products

Ducati Scrambler  with Evotech Performance PartsThe world seems to be looking back to the past at the moment. Clothing, cameras, and now motorbikes are following the trend. Ducati have just released their new Scrambler for 2015 which they describe as ‘post-heritage’ and here at Evotech Performance, we’ve finally got our hands on one.  We’ve been curious about this bike for a while. The Scrambler harks back to Ducati models from the 60s and 70s yet blends retro style with their modern production technology. The question running around the tea room was “Can two eras work side by side and prove this bike Ducati’s next best seller“?  From what we’ve seen, it could well be.

We’ve had the Ducati Scrambler Icon in our workshop to give it the Evotech Performance touch. Italia Motorcycles in Lincoln proved good friends again, for lending us the bike, but due to its popularity for road tests, we could only have it for a day at a time.  All the four style packages, Icon, Urban, Enduro and Classic offer the same 803cc L-twin engine and trellis frame. It’s the wheels, seat and exhaust which are the main differences in the range, along with a few different accessories and paint schemes. It’s an easy ride with a seat height that is going to please a lot of riders.

Whichever style you select, the Evotech Performance bespoke parts we have been designing for the Ducati Scrambler 2015 will add the final touch.

Scrambler Tail Tidy

Ducati Scrambler Tail TidyThe obvious improvement to tidy the back end is with our ever popular Evotech Performance tail tidy / Fender Eliminator. We decided to remove the bulky number plate mount from the swing arm and secure the number plate beneath the rear mud guard. As with every tail tidy we make, we ensure that the wiring is tidied away within the part itself, making the rear lines sleek and clean whilst still being fully compatible with UK road legal licence plates.

Ducati Scrambler Crash Protection

Ducati Scrambler Crash protection

The Evotech Performance main frame sliders will ensure your bodywork is saved damage from any minor spills. The kit uses a ‘through spindle’ spanning the width of the bike to securely mount the bobbin heads to the main frame.

Our most innovative addition for this bike is the paddock stand bobbins.  On close inspection, we found there was not enough space on the bike for both rear spindle bobbins and paddock stand bobbins.  The answer was a bobbin which combined the two mounted as a normal spindle bobbin would, a design we first introduced for the Yamaha MT07.

Scrambler Oil Cooler & Rectifier Guards

Ducati Scrambler Oil Cooler GuardWe’ve been working hard on other Scrambler parts too.  Our Scrambler oil cooler guards are often a favourite.  We have applied our typical hexagonal perforation which provides robust protection for the heart of your bike. We also offer a guard with matching perforations for the rectifier to help reduce any damage from debris thrown up by the front wheel.

Ducati Scrambler Engine Guard

Ducati Scrambler Engine Guard

Evotech Performance have also designed an Ducati Scrambler engine guard that covers up the underside of the engine casing and helps protect vital pipes and wires routed under the bike. This flowing sump guard adds the finishing touch to the bike, creating a smooth defining line to an area that otherwise looks a little untidy.

It’s always a waiting game to see if a promising bike becomes as popular as it promises to be.  We think this one is going to be a winner and for those of you lucky enough to get one, Evotech Performance Ducati parts are here waiting for you.

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Arrives at Evotech Performance


Kawasaki Ninja H2

A very exciting Saturday morning here at Evotech Performance sees the arrival of the Kawasaki Ninja H2 in the design office fresh from a launch at Robspeed Motorcycles in Grimsby.kawasaki ninja h2 evotech performance

EP Kawasaki Ninja Product Range

One lucky owner of the supercharged H2 has kindly lent our design team his brand new bike for us to develop a full range of accessories. Watch this space for the usual high quality products such as a tail tidy, crash protection, radiator guard and spindle bobbins.

kawasaki ninja h2 evotech performancekawasaki ninja h2 evotech performance 

EICMA Motorcycle Show 2014


Evotech Performance visit Milan for the EICMA 2014

Evotech Performance have just got back from a very exciting few days at the EICMA Motorcycle show in Milan where the main manufacturers in the motorcycling world have revealed their 2015 models, not least the eagerly anticipated Yamaha YZF-R1 and YZF-R1M.

Yamaha YZF-R1


Yamaha have revealed the most advanced YZF-R1 ever produced in an attempt to rival the BMW S1000RR. The all new 200HP, 1000CC engine is now mounted to a very special chassis including a magnesium subframe and also boasts super lightweight magnesium wheels. A highly advanced electronics system with ABS, Traction control, anti-wheelie and a quick-shifter aims to keep the R1 pointing in the right direction and going as fast as possible. Evotech Performance have started developing a range of high quality after-market accessories with some exciting concepts already coming out of the design department. Expect to see a release of products such as radiator guards incorporating EP’s signature hexagonal matrix of holes and lightweight construction, a tail tidy with market leading innovations and a crash protection system developed through years of experience in helping to protect the vital components on a motorcycle.

Yamaha YZF-R1M


If the standard R1 is a little too underwhelming for you, then wait until you see the Yamaha YZF-R1M, the SP version of an already very promising bike. The R1M comes as standard with carbon fairings, Ohlins semi-active suspension and some very clever rider inter-connectivity features that allow you to tailor the bikes set-up to specific corners on a track through your smartphone!

Honda RC213V-S


Honda have revealed their ‘headline grabber’ at the EICMA too. The RC213V-S is as near to a road going MotoGP bike that you are likely to find. The RCV213V-S features a V-4 engine based on the championship winning RC213V MotoGP model and although only a prototype was revealed at the show, it was enough to catch our attention.

Ducati Panigale 1299


Ducati’s big reveal for 2015 is the Panigale 1299. The 1299, comes with a similar Ohlins semi-active suspension set-up to the R1M with Gyroscopic inputs and angle sensitive ABS. An 1199R was also revealed with engine and exhaust upgrades, increasing the power to over 200HP. Evotech Performance will be very keen to get the new 1299 into the design department for a full set of high quality after-market accessories closely based on the existing Panigale 1199 and 899 range of EP products currently available.

Ducati Scrambler


Evotech Performance also got a first look at the Ducati Scrambler in Milan. Heavily influenced by the Scrambler of the 1960s, the 2015 model promises to be a relaxed, comfortable ride that is as fashionable as the original but with a very modern engine at the centre. The EP in house design team are looking forward to seeing one of these in the design department to develop a range of accessories that could step outside of the products that EP are known for with some exciting concepts already being drawn up.

Kawasaki Ninja H2


There has already been a lot of hype about the supercharged Kawasaki H2R and the incredible power output figures. Evotech Performance got a close look at this game changing bike and its road going brother, the Ninja H2. The H2 has divided opinion in terms of its appearance, but you can’t deny the engineering achievement. EP will be getting one of these into the design studio as soon as possible for a full range of after-market accessories. For such a special and unique motorcycle, Evotech Performance will be making sure the products developed are as boundary pushing as the bike.

Kawasaki Z300


Kawasaki unveiled a new Z300, a naked version of the Ninja 300. Styled on the bigger bikes in the Z-range, the Z300 looks like it will be popular with riders who prefer a more lightweight, small engined bike. Alongside the Z300 Kawasaki have released a Ninja 250SL and Z250SL into the entry level market. These bikes should be an interesting alternative to the Yamaha R3. Evotech Performance will be getting all of these motorcycles in for development in the new year.

Other 2015 Models

Evotech Performance also got to have a look around some of the other new releases for 2015, including the BMW S1000RR which will require some revised EP products for the new model. The BMW S1000XR is a new model aimed to rival the Ducati Multistrada, which also sees a 2015 revision. Based on a de-tuned S1000RR engine, the XR looks to be a comfortable, upright all-rounder.

Aprilia released an RSV4 RR and Tuono V4 1100 at the EICMA show, both bikes are revisions of very popular current models. EP will be looking to expand our existing range of Aprilia products to encompass both of these new models.

Loan Evotech Performance your bike

2015 is certainly shaping up to be a very exciting and busy year for Evotech Performance with lots of new bikes requiring fresh products and some revisions of existing products to suit the new models.

If you are lucky enough to have already ordered any of the new 2015 models that were released in Milan and would be willing to loan the EP design team your bike then please email Garry on Sales@evotech-performance.com In return you will receive every EP product developed for your bike free of charge and fully installed.